We have 5 coin-operated 4 x 8 tables .  Cost is just $1.50 to $2 per game. 

owen sound arcade


We have 10 arcade attractions. Ms Pac Man to Gatica, to Need for Speed, to Big Buck Hunter, to Prize redemption, 2 Foozball tables, 5 Pool tables, we even have a giant toy crane. 

bouncy castles

Bouncy Castles

Bouncy Castles are subject to only Birth Party Specials please call 519-371-7888.  If you are looking to rent one to your house check out www. allin1eventsandinflatables.com .



(Starting in mid-April)

The Bowling Alley will have 8 dart boards in the Axe Throwing room, that when it is not a league night for Axes darts can be used.

Leagues for Darts will at the end of April. Anyone who is interested should drop by the Bowling Alley and sign up.  All League fees are due on the first night of League.

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is finally here!

Here are the House Rules


2.     Refer to rule 1 we mean it, you try and sneak alcohol in, we take your wrist band off and escort you out of the building. 

3.     Refer to rule 1 and 2; if you show signs of intoxication after the screening process we have the right to remove you from Axe Throwing. 
a.      At this time The Bowling Alley is working on getting an insurance company that has reasonable rates for a 1 to 2 drink limit for Axe Throwing but not at this time does it have this.

4.     All participants of Axe Throwing must be of legal age of consent to sign liability waiver forms.
a.      If a participant is under the age of 18, they must have parental consent and emergency contact forms signed (They can be picked up at the Bowling Alley after April 3, 2018).
b.     If you want to book a party for kids under the age of 18, you must have all wavier forms signed before the kids attend, typical parties for Axe Throwing with kids will be controlled to day timeslots (10 am to 1 pm).

5.     Rates of Axe Throwing will be $20 per person per hour of play (no refunds). 
a.      If you bring a party of 5, we will let the sixth player play for free.
b.     2 hours we give a $5.00 discount for the second hour of play ($20+$15).
c.      Large Groups receive a discount must be over 24 people+

6.     All Bookings for the first two weeks are based upon space only and reservations take first priority. 
a.      All reservations must pay a $20 booking fee, which is non-refundable.
b.     All reservations understand we hold your lanes for no more than 15 minutes if during Primetime: Primetime is Friday and Saturday Nights from 5pm – 10 pm.  If you arrive at 6:16 pm without warning and we have a stand by guest, your lanes will be given out.

7.     Axe Throwing Leagues
a.      Leagues will be starting in mid-April, if you have a team of 4 please sign up at the Bowling Alley before or on April 16th. 
b.     Information about League will be up by April 9th.
c.      League fees will be determined on length of league, all fees are due upon sign up.
d.     Youth League for Axe Throwing will be on Wednesday Nights from 5 pm – 6 pm.

8.     Limit of 6 people per Axe Throwing Lane

9.     You may use your own Axes only during non-League times (unless the meet league standards (1.5 pound wood handled) and only if you sign off that the Bowling Alley is not responsible for lost or stolen Axes, or damages axes during play.

10. Zero tolerance for aggressive behavior towards staff or guests.  Show off your aggression; receive a one-way ticket out of the Bowling Alley and or the authorities will be called. 

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How About Some Refreshments?

Enjoy a snack or beverage from our snack bar and licensed bar* while you shoot some pool!

* Snack Bar and Licensed under AGCO.